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Geothermal Installation

“We were privileged to work with a very professional company owner and all employees.”
Roger Schlichting

“I am delighted with my new GeoComfort unit. Your mechanics are amazing and my Labradors adored all of them. When I returned to my home last Tuesday and opened the door, I could instantly feel even heat and central humidification. My delight doesn't stop there either: The fan is so super quiet that I don’t know when the unit is running. Plus, my lights don’t dim when the unit goes on. I look forward to a summer cooling season with no condensate blow-back too. Finding an honorable, professional contractor out here in the boonies has refreshed my soul!”
Christine Zack

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Curious about how much a GeoComfort geothermal system can save your household? Check out our savings calculator to find out.


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